About Us

Sleepy Clay is a queer-woman owned & operated jewelry business built on self-expression, originality, and badassery.

Meet Sara (she/her), the creator of Sleepy Clay Studio:

Growing up, I always felt pressured to pick a ‘safe’ career— something that could offer me ‘stability’. Because of this, I never pursued anything in the realm of creativity. That is, until I met my husband. He encouraged me to do what I wanted to do, and reminded me that life is too short to do anything other than what makes me happy. Spoiler alert: he is a big reason why Sleepy Clay even exists in the first place. I started cosmetology school in late 2019 and instantly fell in love with it. I had finally unlocked this creative part of me that I never knew I had.

Well… *cue pandemic*. My school got shut down and I was laid off from my retail job. I wanted to find another creative outlet, but I had zero artistic experience outside of hair. So when I picked up my first bar of polymer clay, I had no idea what to expect. I’ve always been enamored with traditional tattoos and tattoo art, and I love how my tattoos allow me to express myself. I pull a lot of inspiration for my work from tattoos I have and other spooky things. I certainly did not expect to create a full time job for myself creating wearable art, but I am extremely grateful that it worked out that way.

Sleepy Clay is for the folks who are unapologetically themselves— for those who aren’t afraid to be bold and for those who do things a little differently. My goal in creating is to empower people to be confident in who they are, and embrace their inner badass.