Permanent Collection Sneak Peek

You're invited to the first look at our brand new Permanent Collection, dropping on August 15th at 6pm PST. Keep scrolling for some insight into the inspiration for this project and insider details! 


 'Trad Flower Dangles' 

This design has had many different evolutions in the years we have been making them. They started as Trad Hearts in early 2021, and then we created Trad Flower Hoops in the summer of 2022. The Trad Flower Dangles made their debut this past June and have quickly become a Sleepy Clay staple.





This design first debuted in August of 2022. Each pair takes almost two hours just to create because each line is hand placed. These sold out almost immediately when they first launched, and since then we have had a few iterations of them- however nothing beats the classic red and green!




'Sleepy Hearts'

Sleepy Hearts are our take on a classic and well known tattoo design- the crying heart. The first version of Sleepy Hearts had a hand-painted face instead of clay detailing. This design debuted in early 2021, and has seen many iterations since!